Do your thoughts relate to things that are to come in the future?
You have the right and privilege to have such thoughts and ask such questions without being threatened to be jailed by the Authorities.Still the right to be wrong has to be maintained. We should not fear to enter a forest because there are wildcats around in the trees. We should not yield our right to well-controlled speculation. It is certain questions
entailed in such speculation which the administrators of established knowledge
fear… But in entering the cosmic age we should certainly insist on the right to ask
new, even silly questions without being persecuted.
Contrary to what medical science is obsessed with telling us, the physical body
is not the whole human being. It is the fantastic physical shell through which the
eternal us experiences this physical world. There is far more to us than a body.
Creation is the expression of one infinite mind and all lifeforms are aspects of that
one mind. At the heart of this mind is a consciousness I see as a blinding
light – the Source Consciousness from which all has been thought into existence.
Creation consists of an infinite number of dimensions, wavelengths, frequencies, of
reality. This physical world is only one of them. These frequencies share the same
space that our physical world occupies, in the same way that all the radio,
television, and telecommunication frequencies broadcasting to your area are
sharing the same space that your body is occupying now. They don’t interfere with
each other because they are on different frequencies or dimensions; they are
vibrating at different speeds. At the moment we call death, our mind-emotionsspirit,
everything that is the thinking, feeling us, withdraws from the body, the
‘genetic space suit’ as I call it. This eternal spirit moves on to another wavelength of
reality, another ‘world’, to continue its evolution. This is all that is happening
during a ‘near death experience’ or an ‘out of body experience’ when people leave
their physical bodies for a time before returning to tell remarkably similar stories of
what happened to them. Life is forever – for everyone.
Our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are a series of magnetic energy fields
interacting with each other via various forms of energy . It is
through this system that an imbalance on the emotional level, perhaps caused by
stress, is passed on to the other levels of our being, including, eventually, the
physical body. This is how stress causes illness. What we call ‘physical’ illness is
really a multidimensional disharmony or dis-ease. We are constantly absorbing
magnetic energy from the cosmos. After this lifeforce has passed through our levels of being and we have taken from it what we need, we broadcast the energy out through back
to the cosmos and the world around us. These are the energies that people
are feeling when they say that someone gives them good or bad ‘vibes’. It is the
same when we say a house or place feels ‘happy’, ‘welcoming’ or ‘frightening’.
What we call ‘atmosphere’ is created by the vibrations (energy fields) generated by
people, either in the moment or in the past. People often feel uneasy at the scenes of
battles because they are feeling the energies left there by the pain, aggression, and
suffering of those involved.
We create our own reality. Religions and ancient texts going way back have had a common theme of’reaping what you sow’, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’, and ‘what you do to others will be done to you’. The word by which this process is now best known is
‘karma’. Too often this karma is seen in only negative terms. Something unpleasant
happens to some people and they say it must be their ‘karma’. It is presented as
almost a form of punishment. At that level, it is punishment – self punishment. We
created it, not some angry, judgmental, finger-wagging God! What we call karma is,
in my view, only another word to describe the way we create our own reality. If we
have imbalances that lead us to act negatively towards others, it is those imbalances
that will also attract to us a physical experience, a ‘mirror’ of what we think of
ourselves. In this way what we do to others will come back to us because we will still
be holding onto the imbalances, the lack of self love, that will attract those
experiences. If we feel good about ourselves and have a positive view of our lives we
will create that world around us !!!