Why do most people die in their sleep between 3a.m and 4a.m


When you sleep at night your brain will be highly active, saving memories, carrying out body repairs and regenerating cells.
The brain heavily depends on blood sugars to function, but an 8 hour long sleep is a long period without food so the blood sugar levels drop, body temperatures drop and the body gets dehydrated. This is the time when your body is at its weakest point and its usually between 3a.m and 4a.m.
When blood sugars drop too low your body sends alarm signals to protect the brain.
In response to the alarm signals the ‘adrenal glands’ that sit atop your kidneys release a stress hormone called ‘cortisol’.
This stress hormone raises sugar levels back to a safe level.
The moment stress hormones are released into the system, your stress levels rise and you are forced to wake up, usually at 3a.m feeling stressed, thirsty or hungry.